Eviction Law

Eviction Law

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Over the years, legislatures at the federal, state and local levels have taken a great interest in adopting laws to regulate the relationships between landlords and tenants. The result is an often confusing body of law.

If you have a landlord / tenant dispute or want to avoid such disputes in the future, you need quality legal support from someone who understands the laws that apply in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

The longer you wait to obtain the legal services of an experienced landlord tenant dispute attorney or lawyer, your ability to achieve a successful or desired result in your legal situation may be dramatically reduced. Contact The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

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As a law firm providing experienced Landlord Tenant Attorney (lawyer) legal services in Toledo and Northwest Ohio area, I am committed to protecting the legal rights of each and every client, while always striving to provide the highest standard of legal

View Landlord Obligations according to Ohio Law.

View Tenant Obligations according to Ohio Law.

If you are involved in any landlord / tenant dispute, make sure your legal rights are protected by seeking the advice of an experienced Toledo Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorney (lawyer). Contact The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

Landlord / tenant relations are heavily governed not only by the lease between the landlord and tenant, but also by specific laws that often differ between one municipality and another.

I can represent landlords throughout the entire range of issues that arise under landlord and tenant law, from drafting and reviewing leases and land contracts to litigation or mediation of landlord / tenant disputes. I will not pass any of this work off to other lawyers.

Trusted Landlord / Tenant Dispute

The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC aggressively defends the legal rights of both landlords and address all related issues that should be taken into consideration when pursuing Landlord / Tenant Civil matters.


If you are a landlord and feel you need to start the eviction process or take collection action on unpaid rent or the cost of repairing damage to the property, you should consult with an attorney who will explain how to avoid headaches by taking these actions in full compliance with the law.

Once you contact our offices, I will immediately begin the eviction process. I will file the eviction paperwork the same day I receive the notice. My goal is to get non-paying tenants out of the property, and new paying tenants into the property, as soon as possible.

When you need aggressive and experienced Landlord / Tenant legal services in Toledo, or the Northwest Ohio area, contact an experienced attorney (lawyer) at The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC will protect your legal rights and make sure your voice is heard. I am experienced and have the resources to handle all of your Landlord Tenant Dispute & Civil Litigation legal needs.