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Theft, Burglary Defense Attorney & Lawyer

Toledo Theft, Burglary Attorney & Lawyer: Professional Theft, Burglary Defense legal services in Toledo and throughout Northwest Ohio.

Theft, Burglary Defense Attorney & LawyerBurglary Charges: A burglary occurs when an individual enters a home, business or other privately owned structure with the intent to commit an offense therein. In the State of Ohio, it is a very serious felony crime. Depending upon the circumstances of the burglary, if convicted, you may be sentenced to a prison term ranging from a few years up to a life sentence.

Theft Charges: Theft, unlike burglary, does not have to involve entering into a home or establishment. A theft occurs when an individual knowingly and intentionally obtains or uses property of another without the victim's consent or knowledge. Theft may also be the act of depriving the victim the right to the property or the ability to benefit from the property.

The longer you wait to obtain the legal services of an experienced theft and burglary defense attorney or lawyer, your ability to achieve a successful or desired result in your legal situation may be dramatically reduced. Contact The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

In the State of Ohio, depending upon the value of the property taken or used without consent by the victim, you may be charged with a petit theft up to grand theft. Both petit theft and grand theft may be punishable by jail or prison time, with grand theft carrying a more severe sentence.

As a law firm providing experienced Theft, Burglary Attorney (lawyer) legal services, assisting Toledo and Northwest Ohio area residents with theft, burglary defense legal issues,  I am committed to protecting the legal rights of each and every client, while always striving to provide the highest standard of legal representation.

If you have been charged with a theft or burglary crime, make sure your legal rights are protected by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Toledo theft, burglary defense attorney (lawyer). Contact The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.


The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC aggressively defends the legal rights of those charged with a grand theft or burglary, while addressing all related issues that should be taken into consideration when defending your legal rights and freedom. A grand theft or burglary conviction may result in:

  • Hefty Fines;
  • Potential jail or prison time;
  • Suspension of your driving privileges;
  • Have your license revoked;
  • Potential vehicle forfeiture, if pulled over in the act of committing certain crimes;
  • Community service;
  • Lengthy terms of probation;
  • Forfeiture of property or assets;
  • Forfeiture of certain basic civil rights.
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