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Civil Litigation Statute of Limitations

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Listed below are the Ohio Statute of Limitations for Civil Litigation. Click on the code that applies to your legal situation, and the Ohio Statute will open in a new window for your convenience.

Type of Action

Ohio Revised Code Section

Contract Actions
    Contract in Writing

ORC 2305.06
    Contracts Not in Writing

ORC 2305.07
    Breach of Contract for Sale of Goods

ORC 1302.98
    Certain Actions by Employees for Payment of Wages

ORC 2305.11

Property Actions
    Trespassing Upon Real Property

ORC 2305.09
    • Taking or Detaining of Personal Property, or
    Recovery of Personal Property

ORC 2305.09
    Eviction (Forcible Entry and Detainer)

ORC 1923.01
    Recovery of Real Property (Adverse Possession)

ORC 2305.04

Tort/Personal Injury Actions

ORC 2305.09
    Wrongful Death

ORC 2125.02(D)
    • Injury to Rights of Plaintiff Not Arising on
    Contract and Not Otherwise Enumerated

ORC 2305.09
    • Bodily Injury, Injury to Personal Property, Products

ORC 2305.10
    • Libel, Slander, Malicious Prosecution, or False

ORC 2305.11

ORC 2305.11
    Medical Malpractice

ORC 2305.113
    Assault and Battery

ORC 2305.111
    State Income Tax Refund

ORC 5747.11
    State Corporate Tax Refund

ORC 5733.12
    Municipal Income Tax Refund

ORC 718.12


(On Certain Grounds)

ORC 3105.32

Actions against the Government
    • Certain actions against the State in the Court of

ORC 2743.16
    Actions Against Political Subdivisions

ORC 2744.04
Civil Action Not Otherwise Provided For

ORC 2305.14


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