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"My name is Jo Lyman and I saw Jeremy Levy for a divorce about three years ago. I found Jeremy through a networking group and he seemed to be a young aggressive attorney. Jeremy was very comforting although in a professional way. He made me feel confident that he was going to get this process handled as quickly as possible.
The result I got from Jeremy Levy were an expeditious divorce. Within two months from the day that I intially went to see him we were in court and the judge was pounding the gavel that the marriage was dissolved.
I was very relieved at the end of the process. Immediately after the process I was ready to move on with my life. If Jeremy was here right now I would thank him so much because I have had three wonderful years being single and my life is better than it's ever been.
The Law Office of Levy and Levy professional personal passionate."

The number of divorce's which are cordially resolved without even the smallest of complications is extremely low. A divorce often encompasses various contentious issues which can be intensely personal in nature, which may bring rise to heated tempers and a diminished ability to reasonably resolve important family law issues associated with a divorce.

The longer you wait to obtain the legal services of an experienced divorce attorney or lawyer, your ability to achieve a successful or desired result in your legal situation may be dramatically reduced. Contact The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

As a law firm providing experienced Divorce Attorney (lawyer) legal services, assisting Toledo and Northwest Ohio area residents with divorce / marriage dissolution legal needs, I am committed to protecting the legal rights of each and every client, while always striving to provide the highest standard of legal representation.

If you choose to legally seek a divorce (marriage dissolution), make sure your legal rights are protected by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Toledo divorce attorney (lawyer). Contact The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

Due to the sensitive nature of divorce law issues, and the long-term implications which your choices, agreements or disputes may have, especially when children are involved, choosing an experienced Divorce Attorney (lawyer) to represent your legal interests is an extremely important decision which should not be taken lightly.

The outcome of any divorce and family law legal dispute will most certainly impact your life in one way or another, as well as others, such as children, or other's directly involved in the family make-up.

The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC aggressively defends the legal rights of those involved in, entering into, or contemplating filing for a divorce (marriage dissolution) or have other family law legal needs. I will address all related issues that should be taken into consideration when pursuing a divorce (marriage dissolution).

If you are involved in a divorce (marriage dissolution) in Toledo, or the Northwest Ohio area, contact an experienced divorce attorney (lawyer) at The Law Office of Jeremy Levy LLC today by calling (419) 243-8989.

Law Office of Jeremy LevyProtect your legal rights and make sure your voice is heard. I am experienced and have the resources to handle all of your Divorce, Marriage Dissolution and other Family Law legal needs.


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